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Nature Photo Walks!!!



Learn about nature and wildlife photography from one of the best! Published author, Jabari Bellamy, is now offering nature photo walks. He'll demonstrate how to use nature to inspire, captivate and motivate you to truly see and appreciate this beautiful world in which we live.  You will be given the opportunity to capture nature’s most most beautiful offerings in professional quality photographs.  You’ll learn about advanced photography concepts such as ISO’s and speed apertures in a user-friendly way.  Whether using these skills to enhance the study of nature, to become an entrepreneur as a freelance photographer or to enter photography contests this experience will bring to life a world of absolute wonderment in nature!  It will enhance photographical imaging skills, creativity, focus and confidence.  Use the gift of nature to stimulate and expand your mind.

Spend the day photographing spectacular landscapes, rare bird shots, stunning nature images and more!! Jabari will teach either private or group lessons at a variety of locations in the DC Metro Area and beyond. Pricing will vary depending on destination and group size. Daily rate instruction for 1 person for a day starts at $450 (+ travel, lodging expenses if applicable). PLEASE CONTACT US TODAY to book your times!



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